R1B Synaesthesia
Mark Sheeky

Track listing
1. Space Infinity (2:34)
2. The Runner (5:48)
3. Safe House (1:03)
4. Interference (2:21)
5. Refuge (3:42)
6. Termination (4:43)
7. Waltz Of The Ghosts (4:09)
8. The Journey (0:30)
9. Resurrection (3:39)
10. Islands Of Memory (3:40)
11. Epitaph (2:24)

About this album
Synaesthesia is an electronic concept album. It represented Mark's first serious attempt at an album sized composition, and was influenced in style and form by Jean-Michel Jarre album works such as Rendezvous and Chronologie.

Its origins date back to the mid-nineties, and music that Mark composed on an Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer and recorded on tape. In 1999 he recorded a version that was almost entirely new, using a Yamaha SY-85 synthesizer. This suffered from a lack of sound quality due to technical limitations, so in 2002 the entire album was resequenced using the earliest draft of his custom designed software, Noise Station.

In 2015, Synaesthesia was remastered and several tracks were re-recorded using his latest technology to prepare for its iTunes début.