The Spiral Staircase

R11A The Spiral Staircase
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Spiral Staircase Detail from The Spiral Staircase Detail from The Spiral Staircase

Track listing
1. Ascent (2:01)
2. Sky Dragons (8:12)
3. Goblin Accountants (4:52)
4. The Cave of Rain (1:22)
5. The Goblin Graveyard (2:27)
6. Elephants and Moths (4:01)
7. Sea Monsters (3:17)
8. The Battle of Angels and Cxthys (6:05)
9. The Marble Steps (2:46)
10. Finalé (6:42)

About this album
The Spiral Staircase is an instrumental concept album, and my first work on a truly symphonic scale. Originally composed in 2002, by 2008 my recording technology had improved substantially and I decided to resequence the entire work, including a few extra elements.

A large and dramatic piece, The Spiral Staircase is different from previous musical releases because it is essentially one unbroken musical piece that changes in mood as the story unfolds.

At the edge of a fairytale forest, inside a tall tower of black stone, a spiral staircase climbs to infinity. The music tells of the ascent up the tower as the hero encounters different rooms, caves and creatures. Emerging into brilliant white light at the summit, the journey is recalled and played on a mirrored screen.

The music in The Spiral Staircase is dramatic, and highly rhythmic although there are no percussion instruments. The sound palette consists largely of analogue waves; saw waves, sine waves and filtered white noise. The musical inspiration was mathematical structures, and the shifting chord sequences of baroque classical composers like J.S. Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, but the result is scintillating and mechanical.

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