The Twelve Seasons

R13A The Twelve Seasons
Mark Sheeky

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Track listing
1. The Dance of Summer (5:33)
2. Summersong (3:12)
3. A Day in the Life of an Aphid (2:50)
4. The Dance of Autumn (3:30)
5. The Flight of a Moth (2:50)
6. Waiting for the Rain to End (4:29)
7. The Dance of Winter (5:07)
8. Blackbird in a Winter Forest (5:33)
9. Seeds of Spring (3:57)
10. The Dance of Spring (4:34)
11. Seed to Field to Seed (3:51)
12. Acorn to Oak (5:25)

About this album
The Twelve Seasons is a collection of tracks that represent different moods and aspects of the changing seasons.

In a similar vein to Animalia, the tracks vary in mood and style from melodic dance music, to emotional and highly visual soundscapes with an orchestral depth. Because of the juxtaposition of older and newer music this is a gateway album, an important crossing point between musical periods.

The Twelve Seasons
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The Twelve Seasons
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