The Infinite Forest

R15A The Infinite Forest
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest Detail from The Infinite Forest

Track listing
1. The Knight (6:01)
2. Vision Of The Angel (1:25)
3. Dark Forces (1:49)
4. Lost Friends (4:36)
5. March Of The Iron Animals (3:04)
6. Orb Of Prophecy (1:37)
7. Waltz Of The Forest (2:21)
8. The Photograph (2:12)
9. The Talking Butterflies (1:10)
10. The Iron Graveyard (1:34)
11. Victory (1:58)
12. The Angel (4:02)

About this album
The Infinite Forest stemmed from a commission to compose a suite of music for a computer game. The themes were initially all relatively short and looping, so the music was expanded and edited to form the full suite of music presented here.

This was Mark's first album to use orchestral instruments throughout, and this unity gives the album as a whole a unique and coherent feel. There are no percussion instruments or overtly electronic sounds here; the themes are played in woodwind sounds, on piano and with strings.

The music is calming and melodic, and there are a few main themes that interplay and return throughout this unfolding tale.

The Infinite Forest
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