Fear Of The Thing Itself

R18A Fear Of The Thing Itself
The Harlequin Kings

Detail from Fear Of The Thing Itself Detail from Fear Of The Thing Itself Detail from Fear Of The Thing Itself

Track listing
1. Fear Of The Thing Itself (3:42)
2. Incomplete Version Of The Writer (3:52)
3. Two Parents Of A Child (2:07)
4. An Autumn Tale (2:28)
5. I Love You For Your Money (3:26)
6. Mnahaffirmation (1:15)
7. Between Sanity And Madness Gotten Finer (4:33)
8. Joey Deacon: The Best Spastic In The World (2:15)
9. Nancy Reagan Fell Down And Broke Her Hair (2:41)
10. Warm Comfy Sofa (1:59)
11. Norman Bates (4:42)
12. Over A Red Horizon (4:39)
13. I Can Heal (4:16)
14. Light Blue Evening (2:01)
15. The Invisible Man (3:12)

About this album
I started writing songs, as opposed to purely instrumental music, in 2002 after a dream in which the song 'I Love You For Your Money' - complete with words and music, magically appeared. Very few of these have been recorded. Fear of the Thing Itself was my first attempt at recording and singing some these songs myself.

These songs are complex compositions with a variety of influences; Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd; artistic giants from the nineteen-seventies and eighties. For this album, like any songs I record, I wanted to avoid pitch-correction, avoid compression (that is, avoid a loud, hard-set constant volume), and avoid over-production.

What is left is expression, emotion, good lyrics and songs with a true, authentic feeling. These things are needed more than ever in the decade of digital music.