The Modern Game

R32A The Modern Game
Mark Sheeky

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Track listing
1. Beginnings (01:49)
2. Beyond Mars (03:09)
3. House Of Glass (03:12)
4. Looking For A Lover (03:44)
5. Masculinity Two (04:11)
6. The Trees (06:26)
7. Love In A Hopeless World (03:44)
8. Two Kinds Of Animals (04:19)
9. All The Broken Flowers (03:16)
10. Notes From Space (03:48)
11. Coming Back To Earth (05:53)
12. The Stars (04:47)
13. Endings (01:49)

About this album
The Modern Game is my first album of pop/rock songs since The End And The Beginning. The songs are thematically connected to modern life, social media, and the impact of technology on society.

Beyond Mars is the studio version of a song I first performed for ArtsLab on RedShift Radio. House Of Glass is about the act of laying one's life open for all to see. Looking For A Lover and Masculinity Two concern gender roles, The Trees is about the social pressure of platforms such as Twitter.

The Modern Game consists of electronic-pop as in earlier albums, but other more naturalistic songs too with a more loose and organic feeling than before. I deliberately avoided auto-tuning, compression or other elements that have reduced dramatic expression in new music. Overall, this album builds on the poetic expression of my recent music and live performances, such as Cycles & Shadows and my work in Fall in Green.