R6A Animalia
Mark Sheeky

Detail from Animalia Detail from Animalia Detail from Animalia

Track listing
1. Andromeda (4:27)
2. Mantle (1:29)
3. Oceanic (4:44)
4. Cephalopoda (4:50)
5. Dreams Of Flight (2:20)
6. Eagle Interceptor (4:11)
7. Mice (2:38)
8. Rhino (1:23)
9. Monkeys (1:19)
10. Paragon (3:44)
11. Nectar (3:05)
12. Cellular Automaton (4:50)

About this album
Over one year in the making, Animalia is an instrumental album with a mix of moods all themed around different animals.

The album is teeming with a host of musical influences from Jean-Michel Jarre in Eagle Interceptor, to Enya in Dreams of Flight. Enigma in Oceanic, to Hot Butter in the catchy Mice.

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