Artist Resources

This page shares links to resources and software that ArtSwarm artists (or anyone else!) might find useful when making a video or sound piece. If you have any resource links or software suggestions then email me and I'll list them here.


HitFilm Express
Powerful free video editor.
AviSynth is a script-based video editor which operates on avi files. Windows Only.
Virtual Dub
Virtual Dub is an avi viewer and simple editor that is useful if using AviSynth. This is one of the three pieces of software we use to make ArtSwarm. Windows Only.
A popular sound editor.
SunVox is a modular synthsizer and sequencer, a tool for making music.
Another tool for making simple tunes, not as complicated as SunVox.

Content Resources

ArtSwarm on Soundcloud
The ArtSwarm Soundcloud account contains a number of sound loops which you can download and use for free, or just play in the background to add something special to your video.
Natural Readers
Conversion of text into speech with a choice of voices.
A free image library, even for commercial use.