General Guidelines

ArtSwarm is about encouraging creativity, experimentation, and what is new. The quality isn't as important as freedom and variety. The ideal length for an ArtSwarm piece is 3 to 4 minutes but there are no firm restrictions on length. For all submissions remember to include the title of the piece, and the author name, and any credits for the creators.


You can send us music, poetry readings, soundscapes, ambient recordings, interviews, stories, drama, or anything else. We can convert from almost any audio format but try to send us wav or mp3.

Ideal format is 16-bit, 44100hz, stereo wav.


We broadcast in 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames per second. If you send videos with an alternative aspect ratio, they will be resized with black bars/letterboxing. We can convert from most video formats, but all are converted to the format below, so that is best for us.

Ideal format is 1280x720 avi, 30 frames per second, XVID codec, 6000 kbps, with audio in PCM, 16-bit, 44100hz, stereo.

Other Content

If you wanted a still image to accompany an audio piece then 1280x720 pixels is the ideal size. If you have separate audio and video for some reason, we can combine them for you, so you can send both separately.

You can email files as attachments but it is best to use WeTransfer or another file sharing service like DropBox to send us files.

Send your files to