Flatspace IIk v1.00
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The Scarrid Dominion
Flatspace IIk is the best Flatspace so far. As well as all of the latest updates and features of Flatspace II, the game includes the ability to create or modify any of the items (weapons, cargo, upgrades) in the game universe.

As in Flatspace II, ultimate objective is to destroy an enemy race, the scarrid, but there are many other goals for the player. These include gaining money for new equipment and ships, proceeding up various ranks or finding official game secrets.

You can buy this game now to get the full download and play it in a few minutes. Click the link below and you'll be directed to the shopping cart on the Cornutopia Software website, www.cornutopia.net. Note that is is a different cart from the one on this website, so use that one for any games.

Flatspace IIk ($15.00 US)
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