Mindfest III: Testing The Delicates by Mark Sheeky

Mindfest III: Testing The Delicates
The Box, Crewe
25 August 2017

About this event
The first performance by 'Fall In Green', an act consisting of myself on piano and vocals by Deborah Edgeley. Part of Mindfest III, a two-day charity music event, this was held at The Box, a rock music venue with a capacity of a couple of hundred.

The performance consisted of poetry with music accompaniment, with some solo piano and some solo voice pieces. Rather than songs, our performance combined music and words to create something as close to performance poetry as pop music.

Testing The Delicates was the name of the show, a 30 minute recital of poetry by Deborah Edgeley from her book of the same name. The poems explore social attitudes to mental illness, and experiences of caring for those with mental health issues.