Improv Night: Metamorphosis by Mark Sheeky

Improv Night: Metamorphosis
Mash Guru, Macclesfield
19 September 2017

Detail from Improv Night: Metamorphosis by Mark Sheeky Detail from Improv Night: Metamorphosis by Mark Sheeky

About this event
One of a series of experimental art performance nights at music venue Mash Guru, curated and organised by myself and Sabine Kussmaul. The theme of the evening was Metamorphosis.

The night began with a relaxed music jam with me on synth, Sabine Kussmaul on guitar and Simon Ross on bass, to a video of magic rituals. Then a poem about swimming pools by Claire Bassi, followed by an experimental piece by Simon Ross where abstract musical notation was drawn on a page, then morphed or changed by other artists, creating a five pages of symbolic score. Pairs of musicians played these, interpreting them as best as they could.

Chris Godber then showed three extracts from a feature film made from clips of other films. Michael Chisholm read a story from his Deck of Tales series, then Deborah Edgeley and I conducted an Interview with a Cockroach; me playing Gregor Samsa and answering questions about the absurd life of an travelling salesman who became transformed into an insect.

Becca Smith contributed two pieces, Drawing is Metamorphosis involved the room drawing Becca while she pulled red string form eye holes in her mask in a curious dance. Mirrors involved members of the audience staring at their reflections and seeing the image change. The night ended with two films by Si Oliver, films expertly choreographed to music.