Improv Night: Rain by Mark Sheeky

Improv Night: Rain
Mash Guru, Macclesfield
1 May 2018

About this event
One of a series of experimental art performance nights at music venue Mash Guru, curated and organised by Sabine Kussmaul and I. The theme of the evening was Rain.

We opened the evening with a video of artist Paula Kramer rolling about on the landscape, accompanied by rain sounds made by the audience. Then Sabine and Simon Ross played music, followed by Michael Chisholm, who played a video of a poem with heavily processed vocals. Kevin Walford sang two songs, then we were shown a video about an art installation which simulated rain indoors.

A short video by Claire Bassi then followed, filmed from inside a car gazing at a tiny section of windscreen. Simon Ross read a poem about the rain, and everyone present took part in an impromptu discussion about creativity and creative methods. Finally we watched a YouTube video by Simon Woolham before Simon, Sabine, and I jammed a little to a "20-hour" rain video. I played a tiny Casio VL-1.