Improv Night: The Cut by Mark Sheeky

Improv Night: The Cut
Mash Guru, Macclesfield
4 July 2017

About this event
One of a series of experimental art performance nights at music venue Mash Guru, curated and organised by Sabine Kussmaul and I. The theme of the evening was The Cut.

I opened the night with a simple semi-improvised poem followed by a video and guitar based performance by Dr. Simon Woolham. Claire Bassi read a text about meat degradation to a video of cutting meat with a craft knife. Surgeon Jochen Fischer answered questions on aspects of surgery.

Jacki Clark displayed some drawing from a recent protest about government cuts. Michael Chisholm read a poem, and other performers included Tom Heaton, Sabine Kussmaul and Alix Hyde, Simon Ross, and a poem by Helen Kay.