Improv Night: The Cut by Mark Sheeky

Improv Night: The Cut
Mash Guru, Macclesfield
4 July 2017

About this event
One of a series of experimental art performance nights at music venue Mash Guru, curated and organised by Sabine Kussmaul and Mark Sheeky. The theme of the evening was The Cut.

Mark opened the night with a simple semi-improvised poem followed by a video and guitar based performance by Dr. Simon Woolham. Claire Bassi read a text about meat degradation to a video of cutting meat with a craft knife. Surgeon Jochen Fischer answered questions on aspects of surgery.

Jacki Clark displayed some drawing from a recent protest about government cuts. Michael Chisholm read a poem, and other performers included Tom Heaton, Sabine Kussmaul and Alix Hyde, Simon Ross, and a poem by Helen Kay.