The Purpose of The Uncertainty Principle
An explanation about the limits of any scientific prediction and why limits are essential if time is a dimension.
Problems With S.E.T.I.
Concerning the limited period in which a civilisation might broadcast simple radio signals.
Storage Of The Curvature Of Spacetime
Some of my thoughts about the storage of the curvature of spacetime.
Movement Through Time
Why we are not moving forwards through time, although it appears that way.
The Impossiblity Of The Stationary
An idea that objects that do not move through space do not exist.
Solutions To Global Warming
Let's think positive about reducing global temperature and reducing the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.
Prime Numbers and Quantum Mechanics
A speculation on how prime numbers might be as unpredictable as quantum events, and so mathematically explainable using the maths of sub-atomic physics.
What Happened To All Of The Antimatter
An idea about the formation of matter and antimatter in the early universe.
The Proportions Of Chaos
Postulating a fixed ratio of perfection to mistakes.
Sensing Time
Why time feels like it is passing.
Dark Matter Speculation
Gentle musing on the subject of dark matter.
Quantity And Infinity
The simplest possible universe.
Reason, Observation And Truth
Why there can be no truth beyond what we can observe.
Implications Of Data Loss
Some thoughts on the data loss explored in the above.
One Tiny Step
More on information and knowledge.
Life And The Attenuation Information Loss.
A postulation that life evolved to combat entropy.
The Great Being.
Could society be self-aware?
Evolution Towards Electronic Life
On robots replacing humans.
Information Relativity
The nature of existence as relative to inaccurate knowledge.
Perception Of The Passage Of Time
Is the present moment physically distinct from the past and future?
Existence And Information
More ramblings on information.
Climate Control
Controlling global warming by controlling the geomagnetic field.
Probabilistic And Discrete Knowledge
Information can flip between wave-like and discrete states.
Limits Of Expansion
Speculation about the rules of the universe, compared with life.
Replication And Decay
The evolution of information.
The Münchhausen Trilemma Problem
Solutions to the Münchhausen trilemma problem, a problem about the proof of truth.
Surface Information
A quick note concerning the entropy of a volume.
Universe Expansion And Black Holes
Thoughts on the topology of matter around a black hole and the early universe.
Questions Upon A Bubble Universe
Questions and thoughts about bubbles.
Debunking Parallel Universes
Why there are not an infinite number of parallel universes.
Musings on information content in the universe.
Instant Action
Thoughts on entanglement, Bell's Theorem, symmetry.
Thoughts On Superdeterminism
Inconclusive points concerning free will and determinism.
The Infinite Beam Problem
If I shine a laser into deep space, is it lost forever?
Life As An Information Storage System
A definition of life.
Equivalence Of Inflation And Motion: A Thought Experiment
A thought experiment involving snooker balls.