The Room

Welcome to your room! Where have you been?
Would you like to explore this environment?
It's filled with dreams, and feelings, the universe, some say.
and so it begins,
and continues, like a world within itself.

A simple room, with walls and limits,
windows that look out upon another more distant place,
a wider world, another room?
We can touch other people from here, with our senses, form impressions of others, like egg-shelled mannequins, hollow models, but never possess them entirely, and they can never possess us.

Some say that this is all there is... how can there be more?
Where might more be?
Where can more be, in this place, this room, this box, cage, cell, universe.

I grew slowly into awareness of it.
How might I leave?
And how can I define leaving everything?
How is it possible to leave everything?
Where could you go?