World Anthem

We mortal inhabitants,
united in competition,
in struggle, compassion,
anxiety, stupidity and intelligent care,

we brave children,
who learn, and seek truth,
to master information,
and reach in curiousity, and avarice,
to all new domains,

we reasonable brutes
who seek peace, yet never truly know it,
and seek understanding,
growth, and wisdom,

we, gaze back to our past with reverence, but not longing,
as we crawl in our heirarchy of civilisation,
to our hopeful dream,
a better place,
a destiny of kindness,
as custodians of the animals and plants of our kin and our past,
ever reaching for perfection,
beyond the imperfect skin,
of our home,
beyond our decaying corpse,
beyond our insignificant lives,
beyond the heirarchy of civilisation,
beyond the passion and violence
of our vast and chaotic universe.