Judgement Day

"One time the
judge was a boy, a little baby,
a baby like me, so uncorrupted.
The men who made laws, were also children

So I ask
how can he judge, or be superior?
The weight of the law, a weight of history.
Because we're the same, he has no right to,

And they began to explain at length
about the heavenly government,
how it appears there's a guy that reigns

Don't judge me too harshly my lord.

This is a
country that's free, and we are able
to do anything, that's not illegal.
The men of the past, were never blessed like us.

because the
cavemen were crude, and not like housemen
they raped and they killed, for entertainment
it's not like the life, that God intended

And they began to explain like fools
about the heavenly voting rules,
and how to cut down bureaucracy,
they don't.

Don't judge me too harshly my lord.

So we have
freedom to speak, unless it's slander,
but freedom to lie, if you are tactful,
some things it is said, are better left un-

So we have
freedom to think. What shall we think now?
Imagine a room, with television,
without any doors, a tiny metal

And then they told me that in effect,
on how the heavenly law is kept,
that simply ev-er-y evil thought,
is blocked.

Don't judge me too harshly,
I am just chem-is-try,
action and reaction,
my lord.