Blink... Then She Lost Herself

She finally lost it in that
red upholstered place,
an odd location.
The shocking pink on her lips
matched her shocking face,
she was Caucasian

once ago,
before her baste and roast.

Although the girls had left their
x's on the cards,
it was a gesture.
It didn't matter though because
she had no heart,
like uncle Fester's

dad. Too bad,
but they were all she had.

She... lost her mother.
She... lost her brother.
She... then she lost herself.

The statue of her was awake
that morning sir,
the camera caught her.
The naughty neighbour saw the
paperboy return.
A young one for her?

Yeah! Nice try!
A friend to say goodbye.


It seems the telephone has
not been used in in years.
The dust had died there.
Her plastic lover looked as
new as Christmas tears,
as new as her hair

once away.
Back thinking of the day

She... lost her mother.
She... lost her brother.
Blink... then she lost herself.