The Taliban Rock

I was a dope, growing dope, in the middle of Afghanistan
And then a guy, with a car, in a bar said come on let's make a band.
Well I'd been practising guitar
on my rockin' horse and cart
and so I took the opportunity
to heart.

Well I am old, kind of bald, got a beard but baby I'm still a man.
I like to rock, in my hut, to the music of the Taliban.
And so I modified my flute
to play the blues scale ain't it cute?
and now I'm touring all around
the world.

(heavy metal middle eastern flute blues solo)

Well I can choose, rock and blues, just as good as an American.
When I'm about, sing it out, tell the world that I'm an Elvis fan.
If you are sad the king is dead
insert my music in your head
and you can rock and roll with me

Because I'm out of sight.
Because I am all right.
And I am here tonight.
Oh yes I made the flight!

(drum solo)

So welcome to tonight.