I Love My Synthesizer

I love my synthesizer.
It isn't very hard to do.
It is the perfect size-r.
It's mainly black and white, no blue.
I love my synthesizer.
My synthesizer is alright.
I give it a kiss,
and play it like this,
and fiddle with it all of the night.

I love my synthesizer.
I think they make them in Japan.
Red lights make up its eyes I
anthropomorphise when I can.
I play in German thinking of the kaiser.
I play it almost all night long.
I use it for strings
and everything,
I even made it play this song.

They laugh at me
because I've no friends
and I play with toys,
but one day soon
I will show them
by playing as good
as anyone could
like the quiet one in Pet Shop Boys.

(synth solo)

I love my synthesizer.
It's got a polystyrene shell.
I play Bach as an appetizer
but soon end up on Jean-Michel.
It's sounds are a nice surprise-r
when looking for a certain song.
I click on the gear,
and touch it right here
and tinkle with it all night long-ong.
I tinkle with it all night long.