A Spirit In The Celluloid

There's a sadness in your eyes,
it's almost like a child is crying somewhere
and she's hiding deep inside
beyond the reach of alcohol.

Have you noticed you're in love?
The glow is all around you when you're up there.
But it's one way, only give.
A single snow flake in the wind.

When you died you still stayed here,
a spirit in the celluloid.
Look the rainbow still shines here
awaiting your voice.

I heard she had problems too,
another rollercoaster daughter, how sad.
I would love to have met you,
but maybe we are too alike.

One more smile for the lens view,
some innocence on celluloid.
It is ready, behind you,
awaiting your cue.

All the passion sounding out.
An angriness, perhaps at those around you.
It's an art work all about
your torture, but it's beautiful.

As I listen to you sing
I almost never notice your concealed soul,
but it's in there like a child
alone and frightened by the world.

In a flash you are still here,
a siren in an ancient sea.
Full of life and performing
for me.