Somewhere Far Away

Her name is something simple like Vicki,
she tiptoes round the bedroom in Surrey.
Clothes lie all over the place.
A photo in a frame decked with silver.
Glancing at herself in the mirror
Young, with an older girls face.

The sun is just a child in the window
bathing everywhere in a red glow
she floats away to the door.
Her lover is asleep in the corner
A letter there to greet him and cure her
placed like a doll on the floor.

My love,
We've known it for some time
and now I have to leave, forgive me.
I'm somewhere far away.
I'm sorry for today, love Vicki.

Alone upon the platform in hiding.
Standing now the train is arriving.
Pause by the door painted red.
The window, in a ghostly reflection,
shows the younger face in affection.
Warm, like the warmth of the bed.