He Liked To Keep It Simple

It was the year of the cat.
in Singapore where it's at.
Bet your bottom dollar betty.
He was a guy with a stash.
He had a gun and a tash.
He was a millionaire like John-Paul Getty.

The girls all lo-ved him.
He was a king-pin.
He liked to keep it simple when he...

The diamond club with champagne.
The scarlet girls are aflame,
dancing in their ruby slippers.
Big Tony G and The Ring
are eating everything;
eggs and buttered toast with kippers,

and then a night out
became a wipe out.
He liked to keep it simple when he...

Inside a shed at the docks.
It was eleven o'clock.
Pouring powder into hoppers.
The sirens lit up the place
and a familiar face
grabbed his gun to shoot the coppers;

and soon a fast dance
became a last chance.
Oh well at least he skipped the slammer
he was always going to end up being...