Just Like Jesus Would

Well I got my gun, I got my car,
I got my hat and job,
and I got my bible with me in my jeans.
Well I know it says 'thou shalt not kill'
but it don't mean shootin' ducks,
and it don't mean deer,
and it don't mean killing crooks.

I know them that's killed deserve to die
that's what the preacher told me,
because killing is a capital offence.
And the killers ruled the Earth one time
before God sent Noah's flood,
so I'd kill them
just like Jesus would.

And it's one, two, three I'm rootin' for Jesus
like us good folks do.
And it's one, two, three I'm shootin' for Jesus
just like he would do.

Well I got a gun for self defence
I pray that I won't need,
but I will if someone points a gun at me.
And if evil men come for me then
I'd fight them where I stood.
I'd fight right back
just like Jesus would.

Well I love the lord and love my wife
and I love this here state
and I'll fight for any one thing that I love.
And if evil shows its ugly head
I'd strangle it with good.
Yes I'd kill for freedom
just like Jesus would.

And it's one, two, three I'm walkin' for Jesus
on his golden path.
And it's one, two, three I'm workin' for Jesus
hard on his behalf.

Well if Jesus came to rent from me
I'd welcome him right in
(it'd make a change from hippies, jews or blacks).
And I'd give him time to pay the rent
if it was overdue.
'cause I do my best
to do what He would do.