Grand National

Fast as a meteor falling
roar of the crowd to my side
master and slave like a
thunderous wave in a
race and a ride of glory.

Leap and I feel all the power.
Force of the horse I command.
A shock to the sky and a
blink of an eye as I
speed on the black silk steed.

Grand national.

Breath, there are riders around me.
Packed like the ring from a blast.
Third on the curve I
chase for my worth and
hope for a taste of glory.

Streak past the tortured spectators
Slam! An explosion of earth.
Fast as a sea birds
plunge into fish and
fast and an elfen wish.

Grand national.

Just up ahead is the leader.
Just out of reach is the prize.
Sweat, frothy steam from the
jet black machine the
pure energy of victory.

Bang! The last jump is a memory
and only the two of us left.
First to my side, his
tiring ride I
nose past the post to vic-tor-y!


Grand national.