One More Step Of The Way

One more step of the way.
I kiss the eyelids of another day.
I smile as if to say
"Hi, this is me and I am a-okay."

I hide and seek
I cower in my feather bed of waiting.
Only waiting.
The old and new
are one and two.
I see one hundred thousand people waiting.
And they are waiting for the

kick of evermore.
Am I the ocean or am I the shore?
I laugh and close the door
and lie upon the floor.

My life is long
so very long
so very long and very very pointless.
Arms are jointless.
The iron rack
is on the track
but I can only ride it like a victim
and take a happy little

step away from man.
I'm not a chalet I'm a caravan.
I wink because I can
and think of Peter Pan.