The King

I am a king.
A regal thing.
I am polite.
You treat me right.

He is a king a regal thing he is polite you treat him right or
he will have your head.

An act ors life.
Is full of strife.
But now I sit
on top of it.

An actors life is full of strife but now he sits on top of it as
good as Lau rence Olivier.

Well I was born in a rotten old dump within the
old east end, the nineteenth century cliché.
And we ate papier maché

But even though I suffered to an extent I think it
made me great, I found a madness from badness.
A useful tool for a king
such as I.

(east end piano solo)

Sometimes I still dream of those lovely, lovely days.

I am a king.
A regal thing.
Looking at you
with my statue.

He is a king a regal thing he won the lot the golden shot he's
rea lly quite superior.

I love you all.
Peers great and small.
To you I bow.
You may clap now.

I'm sure you think he is a queen but I have seen where he has been and
at home he's much drearier.
And now it's time to say good bye we must not sigh or have a cry it
might make our eyes blearier.