Ebony Jade

Ebony Jade.
More like a crystal than a
heavenly babe.
I'd like to know you but it's
much too late yes it's
much too late for me.

Ebony Jade.
I'd like to show you all the
plans I have made.
I'd like to live with you for
ever more in a
rocky seaside house,
but that is premature.

I'd like to know you even though I've only seen you once,
but then I'm sure
that you have friends galore.

Ebony Jade.
A wink of sunlight at the
end of the day.
I'll never know you but I
won't pretend that it
has to end for good.

Give me a smile.
A little signal that would
last for a while.
Just like the photograph of
you I keep and dream of
as I sleep and wait,
but it is much to late.
(too late)
oh yes, it's much too late.