I Am Money

How'd you like to be embraced?
How'd you like to taste some pure security?
That's what money is and money's me.

How you'd like to find the love,
love you never had, a love you couldn't touch?
Well, I love you darling very much.

Take a ride and take a trip.
Sit astride and crack the whip.
Soon you'll love me,
get afflicted
spend me,
make me,
be addicted.
I am money.
I am every single thing that you can see.
I am money!
Everything is me.

How'd you like to stop all wars,
feed the world and more then live in luxury?
No hope if you're poor, you can with me.

How'd you like to watch me grow?
Plant me I'm the child you never had time for.
Humans are consumers, consume more.


How'd you like to be adored?
That's what money's like, that's what it's for.
Every man is rated. What's your score?

How'd you like to own the world,
every boy and girl you can posess them all.
I can give control to chaos' hoardes.