They Wrote A Long Good Bye

He's sitting thinking in the night café,
a plate of chips uneaten lying in his way
but hunger isn't there.

"You cannot see her mate" her father said,
and now it's getting late his hope is getting dead.
Does Jenny even care?

Did Jenny say good bye?
Did Jenny say good.
Did Jenny say good bye?

He gets up heading for the telephone.
He dials his mother but there was no body home.
He stares into the street.
He summons courage for a second call,
this time an answer comes from Jenny in the hall
he asks her "Will you meet?"

And Jennifer says yes.
She said a secret.
She said a secret yes.

He sits back down and glances at the plate.
He has a plan but is it stupid is it great?
It's anybody's guess.
Then Jenny steps in from the evening rain.
He pays for tea and says lets take the Brighton train,
and Jennifer says yes!

So Jennifer wrote bye.
She wrote a long good.
He wrote a long good.

They wrote explaining why.
They wrote a long good.
They wrote a long good bye.