Saddam Hussein

You only want me now because I am insane.
You only want my broken brain.
You love my pain,
but I like only coffee.
You feed me toffee,
and then you dress me like Saddam Hussein.

You gently lie me down then prod me in the face.
You stir my mind until it's paste.
You wear just lace,
but dress me like a nutter,
paint me with butter,
and then you slide me all over the place.

When are you going to let me go?
I'm begging Danny on my knees,
the lightbulb's swinging,
Danny please,
don't flick the switch and make it blow.

You do more damage than a whirlwind does to dust.
You paint my metal bits with rust.
You want my trust;
I trust you only vaguely,
like Richard Madeley.
I feel like bread without any crust.

When are you going to set me free?
The sky outside is orange new
the sun is singing
to the dew,
Hand me a rainbow's hand and rescue me.

You only see me as a naughty dog to train.
You only care about my brain.
You love my pain,
and love the drugs you hand out.
I brush the sand out
but you still dress me like Saddam Hussein.