Clara Bow

Oh, how I love you Clara Bow.
With your schizophrenic tendencies you make the limelight glow.
Don't you know, like your friend, that the world is burning?
Can you smile, and pretend, that the girl is letting go,
Clara Bow?

Oh, how they love you Clara Bow.
With your penchant for romance with every man you come to know.
You've got It, and you know, every head is turning.
Make a dance, make a show, and then laugh out loud and go,
with the flow.

Clara Bow.
Clara Bow...

Oh, where you going Clara Bow?
With your shocking mouth confusion spinning every one you know.
Don't they know, can't they see, that inside you're burning?
You can smile, grit your teeth, like a boxer facing foe,
boxer Joe.

Clara Bow.
Don't they know?
Clara Bow.
Don't let go.
Clara Bow.
Clara Bow.
Clara Bow...