You only came to me
when you needed comfort,
but I went to you whenever I needed a friend.
I told you everything
about my feelings
and I never then imagined my feelings would end.

You gave me comfort,
but I regret I found it hard
to give it back.
You gave me comfort.
I understand that you have found
your own at last.

Perhaps you will not need
to ever need me,
like the times I needed you when I had to pretend.
And if you never come
to me for comfort
I will lean on other people when I need a friend.

You needed comfort
I could not give, perhaps it is
something I lack.
You gave me comfort,
but now you have someone who'll give
your comfort back.

I'll make you in my heart
when I need some comfort
though you never looked at me hun as more than a friend.
I wish you all the best
that he can give you,
because I can never comfort you again.