The Vaguest Chance Of Sex

I'm afraid I only see you
for the vaguest chance of sex.
It is something I have slowly realised.
From the moment that I met you
it was always on my mind.
If there wasn't any hope I'd say goodbye.

It is true that once I felt more
but you didn't care,
so I gave up any sorrow and regrets.
Now I only hold on for the sex.

I remember the excitement
of the moment when we met,
when you opened up a possibility,
now I think the only reason
I keep listening to you
is a tiny chance nakedness with me.

There's a part of me I closed off
but there's one part left.
It's a part of me that cares but not respects.
A part of me that holds on for the sex.

And perhaps you think I'm shallow
but I'm honest that is all.
I'm an ordinary man in all respects,
and although you give me friendship
and I think I give it back
it is mainly for the vaguest chance of sex.