Liquid Love

I see the sun
in the sky
like a great gold eye
and it fills me with liquid love.
It is dawn,
all is new,
like that time with you
when you filled me with liquid love.

I see the birds,
hear the song,
know there's nothing wrong.
In my heart there is liquid love.
Orange rays
from the sun
shine on everyone
and they warm us with liquid love.

I know that you can hear me.
I feel that you are there loving me.

I see the sky
and the stars
and the moon and Mars
in the heavenly sky above,
and I feel
you are there
with your tender care
and your heart made of liquid love.

I see the ones
that you missed,
lips you never kissed.
They are sparkles of liquid love.
I see you
you'll be ever there,
in my heart made of liquid love.