First Meeting

Our first meeting.
Gave me a lift to Chester.
I had to go deliver
some paintings for a show.

She arrived late,
about an hour after.
There wasn't any laughter
but that's how some days go.

We talked about our families for a bit,
and she had coke and I had tea.

The home journey
took about two hours.
Saw dandylions and flowers
from my passenger seat.


We felt lost
in the steets of Chester
but we soon found the Grosvenor
to hand the paintings in.

A quick stop
at a local chemist
to stop her shoe from falling
when I marched on ahead.

We talked about her Jupiter my flies.
About the time she nearly died.

I kissed her hand
she bade me kiss her forehead,
and hug and then a "toodles!"
then she drove away home.