All Over

Sometimes I feel like a mystery.
Can you believe it?
Like Agatha Christie
or ancient history.
I think that I dinnit.
I think that it's me
all over.
All over.

Save me from this dispassion
Carl Bagpipe
and the Car Park Explosion.
Play me a tune on your tuba
or your electric viola,
your music is me
all over.
All over.


You can't explain the suffering.
but don't observe the facts.
You can't abide the waltzer ride
yet that is where you're at.

See me, I'm free, I'm floaty light
and playing in a band
but you are just a paper king
who rules a paper land.

Now you can talk about fortune
and tips and yoga and gossip
but I'm beyond compensation
because I'm going to die.
I'm so fed up of this dying.
I'm reincarnation
all over.
All over.

I listen to Funkadelic
and Etna Skytop and Yoshi
and ELO and The Knightsbridge
and Marshall Amp And His Army
but I can't understand music.
I think that is me
all over.
All over.
All over.
All over.