Coming Back To Earth

from the sea,
you look lost,
did you miss me?
I was dying.
Now I'm free.
Now I'm back to save you,
Be happy.

You look like you've been through a tough time
through the wars, on your own,
your sunken eyes and paranoia,
feel like a stranger in your home,

but it's all over now.
But it's all over now.
Over now.

Lookin' for a lover, here I am.

Switch off the power to your master,
take my hand, to your heart.
The years of emptiness are over,
all it took was a god...
and a miracle!

So it's hello,
from the sea,
take my hand,
come with me,
I was dying.
Now I'm free.
Now I'm back, for you.
Be happy.