A Totally Autistic Marriage

Sleeping in a separate bed.
Living in a world in your head.
Having fun ignoring all the funny people there in your mind.

Waking up at nine on the dot.
Drinking from a single cup pot.
Hello is the standard way to greet a human being we find.

It's a totally autistic marriage.

Singing happy birthday to me.
Isn't it a good place to be?
Sweeping up each crumb and watching Channel 4 because it is new.

Driving in two separate cars.
Eating jam from separate jars.
See the sky and want to live among the clouds up high where it's blue.

It's a totally autistic marriage.

Another anniversary gone.
Glad you had a shirt to put on.
Made to eat in public is a custom you consider unfair.

Better then to eat on your own.
People are a wood overgrown.
Knowing that the other one is just as happy loving from there.

It's a totally autistic marriage.