A Message

Good Morning Sir or Madam
How are you today?
How about a holiday
to take the blues away?
How about a curry?
How about a drink?
How about a credit card?
It's cheaper than you think.

You're insane drivel drives me mad.
I don't want anything you have.
Just shut the door and go away.
I have to leave you now okay?

How about a mortgage?
How about divorce?
A lump sum paid upon your death
would help with the remorse.
Why not make investments?
Make savings you can spend.
We will send a carriage clock
Because we are your friend.

Take all your 'messages' away.
I don't want anything today.
I'll change the channel on TV.
Spend all my life on BBC.

Have you had an accident?
We could make you rich.
How about electric pads
that make your muscles twitch?
Want some good bacteria?
How about some pills?
How about a health plan that
will help you when you're ill?

Just take your brainwashing away.
I won't take anything, okay?
And if you find me in the book
you'll find the telephone off hook.

I've nearly won a million,
perhaps a little more.
Just sign the form and send it back
they'll put me in the draw.

Take all your junk out of the flap.
I don't want any of your crap.
It's like a monument to tat.
Remember trees have died for that!