Schoolgirl Sue

Schoolgirl Sue with your long black hair.
More than just a formality.
Look at all the boys with your big brown eyes.
Lickin at your lips like a tease.

Schoolgirl Sue, sweet as sin.
Leaving Trace and Megan to take the heat.
Sneakin out the lesson for a cigarette.
Girl you are a stab in the head.

You make the teachers run around like flies.
You might be cheap but I won't pay the price.
You got me searching for an alibi.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Schoolgirl Sue with your naked legs.
Pale just like the stone you must be.
Breaking all the rules like you just don't care.
Girl you are a runaway train.


Schoolgirl Sue with your long black hair.
Playing with affection and rolling twelve.
Looking at the stranger with big brown eyes.
Careful or you'll get a surprise.
Girl you are a shock to the brain.
Girl you are a runaway train
T-t-train. (ad infinitum)

Choo Choo
(repeat and fade)