Luck Is All You Need

Heads you live.
Tails you lose.
It's up to God to choose.
Heads you're out.
Tails you're rich.
Ain't it a son of a bitch?

No matter what your creed
luck is all you need.

One and you're fired.
Six and you're dead.
It's like a kick in the head.
Two and you're brainy.
Five and you're cool
but don't go blaming your school.

It's like a demon seed
luck is all you need.

It don't-take-a brains or brawn or skill or looks or talent
You want to make it?
All you need is luck.

Adders you're king.
Snakes you're a fool.
Isn't destiny cruel?
Spots and you've made it
like a presidents son.
Stripes you spend your life as a bum.

'cos if you want to lead
luck is all you need.

Spades and you're loving.
Clubs you're in pain
and getting wet in the rain.
Diamonds you're guilty.
Hearts and you're free.
It's just a destiny.

And when it's time to plead
luck is all you need.

(luck is all you need)
(luck is all you need)