The Glorious Birth Of Summer by Mark Sheeky

G176A The Glorious Birth Of Summer
Oil on panel
Jun 2009, Size 330x556 mm

Detail from The Glorious Birth Of Summer by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Painted for a competition with the theme of summer. I began with the idea of a breaking wave, then thought a wave of ice with frozen summer objects inside, thawing and breaking free.

Summer objects are found encased in ice; a bee, a strawberry, even a frozen sun. The butterfly escaping and upward thrust of the wave shows a very positive picture, a picture of rebirth and joy.

Technical details
This picture was painted in one layer. Ice is either white and opaque like that in an antarctic ice shelf, or glass clear like an ice cube. It can be frosty on the surface, or wet and glistening, or cracked, or smooth and flawless.