The Bully by Mark Sheeky

G532A The Bully
Oil on panel
Sep to Nov 2012, Size 250x390 mm

Detail from The Bully by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Bully by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Bully by Mark Sheeky Detail from The Bully by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A painting inspired by a seemingly motiveless violent outburst directed at me. The aggressor seemed to be eternally filled with anger, he felt the need to manipulate and control people at all times due to his paranoia and fear of attack.

The exploding volcano is the perfect metaphor for anger, but underneath, the artist wanted to show the fears and weaknesses that grow, each covered with overlapping layers of psychological rock, preventing their escape through communication, and building up the pressure that is released intermittently in violent bursts of communication.

The volcano is holding a stick, a weapon to hit people with but also a phallic reference, for comfort. He is pointing to redirect his negativity on others, and holding a red flag, a reference to a football team rather than socialism or communism.

Below, the face collapses into fear and isolation, impotence, which here means a lack of love felt or given. A road, which represent the passage of time, the long road of life, turns into a hand reaching upwards on the right, grasping for a thread, the cord of a balloon which represents childhood, and the balloon is love, tiny and forever out of reach.

Technical details
This painting was developed in unison with its complex frame, a surround that looks like rough rock. Made from wood, plaster, moulded paper and plastic resin, its shape internal and external was one of my first works where the frame was developed at the same time as the painting.

The Bully
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Limited Edition Giclée Reproduction (Limited To 100)
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