The Migraine Tree by Mark Sheeky

G81A The Migraine Tree
Oil on canvas board
Feb to Mar 2006, Size 234x336 mm

Detail from The Migraine Tree by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This powerful painting was painted for a competition held by The Migraine Action Association. I was awarded first prize.

The eye motif is reproduced throughout the picture, like a theme in a musical symphony, so I named the use of an image in this way "symphonic painting". This idea stemmed from the influence of fractal computer graphics, where similar shapes can repeat smaller and smaller within each other, each slightly different. The same effect can be seen in natural objects such as ferns and clouds.

Apart from a headache, migraine sufferers can see zig zag and black and white checkerboard patterns. The lightning shock of pain, burning through a hopeless figure, emanates from a stormy sky to lights up this overt representation of a headache.

The Migraine Tree
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Limited Edition Giclée Reproduction (Limited To 100)
Price: £125.00
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