The High Flying Swift by Mark Sheeky

G849A The High Flying Swift
Oil on canvas panel
Mar to May 2016, 250x350 mm

Detail from The High Flying Swift by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Part two of The Flight Of The Swift triptych that begins with Don't Think I Could Feel Love Any More. The three works deal with a relationship, beginning with hopelessness, then here, observing this from afar from the view of a distant swift.

Swifts live in the eaves of Mark's house, and to him their spring and summer screaming is a sound of both freedom and distance.

Technical details
Works in this trilogy are tone paintings, combining painting and music into one artwork, and this was Mark's first work to have music composed specifically for it.

The High Flying Swift
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Limited Edition Giclée Reproduction (Limited To 100)
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