Envy by Mark Sheeky

G870A Envy
Cardboard, polystyrene foam, platinum disc, acrylic paint
Sep 2016, 1000x2000x300 mm

About this sculpture
A sculpture to form part of an installation for an exhibition in Chester Cathedral. The work contrasted the hideous, twisted Envy with the delicate Beauty, as symbolised by The Monstrance of Life, beneath.

With its evocation of gnarled medieval crucifixions, and the beautiful monstrance-like other work, both pieces were perfect for the venue. The disc is platinum plated and forms an eye for the entirely anthropomorphic construction.

Text on the sculpture reads; I blame and bully, I have no worth except that which I can drink from others.

Technical details
A computer model of the alcove and the sculpture were created prior to construction, to check the look and permit experimentation prior to construction.

Though it looks like heavy wood, this huge sculpture weighed only a kilo or so, the spikes being soft polystyrene, all necessary safety elements of a very public work. The work was assembled in situ from two parts and was destroyed at the end of the exhibition.