The Laughter Of Truth
Why surrealists do not tell jokes, but convey truths.
The Neutrality Room And The Everything Room
Two rooms designed to supress and to stimulate.
A neurosigil is an image designed to program the mind.
Art And Masochism
Masochism is an essential precept for success.
Honesty, Art and Isolation
Telling the truth will make you unpopular, but a good artist.
Textual Melodic Notation
A way of notating music using plain text.
Degrees Of Consciousness
A scale of sleep and wakefullness.
Art And Communication
Good art is effective communication of a message.
Attainment over Ownership in Society
Tweaking capitalism.
The Knowledge Osmosis Hypothesis
The learning process and the nature of dreams.
Bonding Principles Within Relationships
A philosophy of relationships.
The Chromosurrealist Manifesto
The symbolic representation of colour.
The Sheeky Keypad
A new keypad for text messaging.

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