The Philosopy of Art
The function of art.
On Worry
Worry is the art of making the unimportant seem important.
On Acceptance
Accepting life in a meaningless universe that is beyond control.
The Meaning Of Life
Thoughts on why and how life has or hasn't got meaning.
Personal Truth
On the validity of facts.
I Do Not Think And Am Not
On the limits of control.
Inequality In Society
On inequality.
Evolution Towards Electronic Life
On robots replacing humans.
Truth as a social construct.
Classifications Of Art
Different types of art.
Information Relativity
The nature of existence as relative to inaccurate knowledge.
Perception Of The Passage Of Time
Is the present moment physically distinct from the past and future?
Biolism and Technolism
Two opposing philosophies of nature.
Existence And Information
More ramblings on information.
Emotions And Logical Thought
Emotion and reasoning.
More on truth.
Happiness as control.
Brain Expansion
Mental exercises.

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